The story

It all started when....

I was looking for relief from a childhood surgery for Scoliosis that wasn't in the form of a pill. Having over ten years of pain management between injections to the spine, prescriptions, and physical therapy - I was ready for anything else.

I heard about Float Therapy in a Scoliosis Recovery forum and got the chance to try it in Colorado (I made my dad come with me in case survival was bleak).

The tank style was different from what we offer, but the therapy was just as effective. I figured out how to keep the door open with a pool noodle because I didn't have the option to keep a light on while floating. Settling into the float with my pool noodle securely in place, the outside lights ended up turning off and I had a panic moment where my heart dropped out of my chest and my breathing tightened. I fought getting out of the tank because I had already paid 60 bucks and the idea of giving up before even getting started seemed like going back to the drawing board. I stuck it out! It was hard to tell then, but I had even fallen asleep. I came out of the session feeling refreshed and a bit more motivated for something. Turned out the float not only took the edge off pain wise, but it started a journey to where I am today that I am so incredibly thankful for. I left my job shorty after my session. Although the idea of where we are today hadn't started yet, I could feel that I needed to be doing something more, and my float confirmed that in a way that just felt right. Fast forward to over three years and I am pain free (without medications), and helping others start their own journeys with an awesome group of people that believe in the same vision.

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Massage Therapist

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre-Natal, Cupping, Hot Stone, Gua Sha



Massage Therapist

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Massage Therapist
Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre-Natal



 Massage Therapist
Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre-Natal

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